We are the professional metal products exporter with 20 years experience on European market. We are exporting products according with samples or drawings from our customers. Especially we have advantage in the wheel centres and castor manufacturing. High quality and reliability - these values have been the basis of our economic success - over 26 millions kg of ready machined grey and nodular iron products sold to European customers.

All of this has been achieved via state of the art CNC machines and a highly trained and motivated workforce.

So you may ask yourself, why do business with ROLMECH?

Here is why:

  • We have 25 dedicated employees operating three shifts
  • We have all the controls and quality procedures to do business at the highest levels
  • Job scheduling
  • Job costing
  • Real-time traceability of jobs
  • We co-operate with reliable Polish foundries

Would you like to be provided with wide range of high quality, competitively priced products - ROLMECH is your right choice.